The Farm Food Collaborative is North Alabama’s first local food hub! We help family farmers sell fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables to public schools, hospitals, grocery stores, restaurants, and workplace cafeterias.

We aim to

  • Increase access to healthy food choices; and
  • Keep food dollars local.

The Farm Food Collaborative is a membership based project.

Local family farmers are members, and buyers such as school districts, distributors, grocery stores and restaurants are also members.

When a buyer becomes a member of the Collaborative, you know they are sourcing fresh locally grown produce such as sweet potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, green peppers, kale, lettuces, strawberries and more from local farmers when in season.

The Farm Food Collaborative makes supporting local foods and farmers easy!

All you have to do is ask!

Ask if your school, grocery store, favorite restaurant or workplace cafeteria is buying local.

Ask if they are a member of the Farm Food Collaborative.

To find out how your school or workplace can become a member of the Collaborative and source fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, contact  the Food Bank’s local food coordinator at 256-656-7643 or

Are you a farmer or buyer interested in becoming a Farm Food Collaborative member? Click below!

New Farmer Questionnaire
New Buyer Questionnaire

See why the Food Bank launched the Farm Food Collaborative.

See the journey of a local tomato.

Learn more about how local foods promote health and build wealth in North Alabama.

Download the Collaborative’s brochure and share it with your favorite grocers, restaurants, and school cafeterias.  Share it with your friends and neighbors too!

More Local Food Resources

Click to learn more about the Farm Food Collaborative’s start.


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