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The Hiatt Loan Fund

As part of our work not only to feed those in need but also find proactive solutions to end hunger and poverty, the Food Bank launched The Hiatt Fund in partnership with Neighborhood Concepts, Inc., a local charity.

The Hiatt Fund is our revolving loan fund offering access to credit for local farmers, ranchers, and small business owners contributing to north Alabama’s future.

Do you know a local farmer who wants to build a hoop house to extend the growing season but does not have a credit history? What about a young entrepreneur who needs a loan for equipment for a composting business?

Tell them about The Hiatt Fund!

Eager to know if you qualify? Interested in applying to the fund today?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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We know first-hand how hard it is for entrepreneurs in north Alabama to find capital – that’s why we believe this Fund is so important as a strategy to end a root cause of hunger: poverty.

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