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The Food Bank of North Alabama is the North Alabama location of the National Diaper Bank Network. We collect diapers throughout the year and then distribute them to our network of 250 nonprofit partners, who then share them with families in need.

Why does the Food Bank help with diapers?

We help with diapers because diapers are often an expensive line item in the budget of needy families. Many families that struggle to make ends meet have to choose between keeping their babies in diapers, feeding their families, or paying other bills.

  • Diapers and wipes are about $100 a month
  • Purchasing diapers is not covered by government systems because they are considered “hygiene items.”
  • This cost forces some families to reuse disposable diapers, or leave babies in diapers longer than they should, which can lead to diaper rash, infections and other health problems.
  • Babies who have diaper rash tend to cry more. More crying, coupled with the stress of living in need, raises the chances of child abuse.
  • Parents are required to provide diapers to children that attend daycare. If a child doesn’t have diapers, then they can’t go to daycare, and the parent is often unable to go to work that day if they don’t have childcare.

Our primary annual collection event is the Great Diaper Drive.

The 2018 Great Diaper Drive is October 8-19.  The Great Diaper Drive Blitz Day is Thursday, Oct. 18 at the Walmart on the Madison Boulevard.

Read more about it here.

Read about the need for diapers in Alabama on this fact sheet here.

Want to throw a diaper shower or host a diaper drive? Contact the Food Bank’s Agency Community Relations Manager at 256-382-0296 or communityrelations@fbofna.org.

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