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Agency Zone

The Food Bank moved to appointments for all agencies starting October 2018. To schedule a pickup time click the green “Make Pickup Appointment” button below. Read appointment instructions here.

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Upcoming Warehouse Closure Dates

President’s Day Monday, February 18, 2019
Memorial Day Monday, May 27, 2019

Warehouse Hours:

By appointment only Monday and Tuesday 9 am to 3 pm,

and Wednesday and Thursday 9 am to 1 pm.

Open pickup hours are Wednesday and Thursday 1-3 PM.

Other Items Available this Week

  • Banana Boxed Dry & Canned Food
  • Bakery
  • Produce
  • Frozen Meat
  • Frozen Convenience Items
  • Assorted Snack Foods
  • Assorted Flavored Beverages
  • Water
  • Misc. Beverages
  • School Supplies

This Week’s USDA Order

Small Order

  • 17 cases canned Mixed Vegetables
  • 17 cases canned Pasta Sauce
  • 17 cases canned Sliced Potatoes
  • 10 cases canned Pork
  • 13 cases dry Split Peas
  • 13 cases dry Pinto Beans
  • 8 cases White Rice
  • 8 cases frozen Strawberries

Medium Order

  • 34 cases canned Mixed Vegetables
  • 34 cases canned Pasta Sauce
  • 34 cases canned Sliced Potatoes
  • 20 cases canned Pork
  • 26 cases dry Split Peas
  • 26 cases dry Pinto Beans
  • 16 cases White Rice
  • 16 cases frozen Strawberries

Large Order

  • 51 cases canned Mixed Vegetables
  • 51 cases canned Pasta Sauce
  • 51 cases canned Sliced Potatoes
  • 30 cases canned Pork
  • 39 cases dry Split Peas
  • 39 cases dry Pinto Beans
  • 24 cases White Rice
  • 24 cases frozen Strawberries

This Week’s VAP Product

  • 2-Day Meal Kits
  • Peanut Butter(12 – 18 oz. jars/case)
  • Sgl. Serve Pork & Beans(24 – 7.25 oz cans)
  • Sgl. Serve Macaroni O’s(24 – 7.25 oz cans)
  • Sgl. Serve Vegetarian Lasagna(24 – 7.25 oz cans)
  • Sgl. Serve Chili w/Beans(24 – 7.25 oz cans)
  • Strawberry Spread(12 – 19oz squeeze bottles)
  • Family Size Canned Ham(8 – 16 oz cans)
  • 1% White Milk(12 – 32oz containers)
  • Sgl. Serve Tangerine Punch(30 – 6.75oz containers)
  • White Rice(24 – 1lb bags)
  • Sgl. Serve Rice Crispy Treat(14 lbs – case)
Upcoming Agency Orientation Dates

All orientations at 10 am

Monday, February 25
Monday, March 25
Monday, April 22

Forms Center

Food Pantry Resources by County and City Area

Updated 7-13-18. Please download and edit to suit your area. Email communityrelations@fbofna.org if you see necessary changes/edits. All sheets saved as Word files. Please customize as needed.

Good Food Project Educational Materials

Click to download nutritional health information and sample menus to share with your community:

Blood Pressure and Diet

Learn about salt intake and high blood pressure:

Sample Menus

Menus designed to help lower your blood pressure:

Recalled Food Items

Frito-Lay Issues Voluntary Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk In Small Number of Stacy’s Simply Naked Pita Chips

Taylor Farms TX, Inc. Recalls Chicken Products Due To Misbranding And Undeclared Allergens

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation Recalls Breaded Popcorn Chicken Products Due To Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Tyson Foods, Inc. Recalls Chicken Nugget Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Voluntary Recall Notice of El Guapo Chile Habanero and Chile Pasilla-Ancho Pouches Due to Unlabeled Peanut Allergen

RXBAR Recalls Certain Varieties of Bars Due to a Potential Undeclared Peanut Allergen

L. Zeigler Co., Inc. Recalls Chicken and Pork Red Hot Sausage Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Jennie-O Turkey Store Sales, LLC Recalls Raw Ground Turkey Products due to Possible Salmonella Reading Contamination

Recall of Bittersweet & Feve Chocolate Bars Due to High Levels of Milk Allergens

Maribel’s Sweets Inc. Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk Allergens in Chocolate Bars

Food Recall of Fit & Active Southwest Veggie Stuffed Sandwiches Due to Possible Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella Contamination in Vegetables

Ruiz Food Products, Inc. Recalls 12-Count Frozen Breakfast Burritos due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination

Suzanna’s Kitchen, Inc., Recalls Poultry Products due to an Unapproved Substance

Bakkavor Foods USA, Inc. Recalls Meat and Poultry Products due to Possible Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination In Onions

Envolve Foods Recalls Chicken and Beef Products due to Possible Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination in Vegetables

Ruiz Food Products, Inc. Recalls Beef and Poultry Products due to Possible Salmonella and Listeria Monocytogenes Contamination in Onion Ingredient

Voluntary Recall Issued for Sweet Me Creamery Brookie Dough Ice Cream that may Contain an Undeclared Peanut Allergen

Feel Good Foods Inc Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Egg Product In “Vegetable Fried Rice”

Voluntary Recall of Limited Amounts of Nuts & Vanilla Protein Plant Shake

Jerky Boyz Chicken Jerky Recalls Chicken Jerky Products due to Possible Processing Deviation

JBS Tolleson, Inc. Recalls Raw Beef Products Due to Possible Salmonella Newport Contamination

Roya Foods, LLC Recalls Halal Manti Beef Dumpling Products Produced Without Benefit of Inspection